Put Your Finger on the Screen, and This Music Video Becomes Delightfully Fun

Echoes of old Skittles ads

If you want to see all the clever things your fingertip can do, check out this cool new interactive music video from Japanese pop star Namie Amuro.

The video, directed by Logan's Kenji Yamashita and ​Party's​ Masashi Kawamura, offers a pop-art cornucopia of wit and silliness based on one simple instruction—you're asked to put your finger on the screen and leave it there as the video plays. It's an apt concept for the song, which is called "Golden Touch," and it's reminiscent of the classic Canadian campaign from Skittles that played around with the same idea.

Keep your finger at the center of the video, and let the camera do the heavy lifting—scratch a vinyl record, light up a chill dachshund's touch-sensitive LED jacket, trap a monster under its manhole cover, and much more. The clip rewards you for sticking it out to the end, with a range of unexpected applications—some abstract, some literal, some cheeky.

But maybe the credit should go to Ze Frank for pioneering the gag, even if his take wasn't as refined.

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