Prudes Freak Out Over Clothier’s ‘Strip for Likes’ Facebook App

Campaign is harmless fun

Considering the staggering amount of actual filth on the Internet, what's truly shocking is that people get so worked up about marketing campaigns that dare to be a little bit salacious. This week's victim of puritanical finger-wagging is clothing brand Stussy, whose Amsterdam division created a Facebook app called "Strip for Likes." A model was dressed in piles of Stussy's new men's clothing, which she's been slowly shedding as the page gains more fans. Cue freakout. "Facebook campaign gone too far?" asks The Next Web. "Has digital advertising gone too far?" wonders And then you've got the Hermione-esque social-media bloggers trying to narc out the brand and agency, Arnold Amsterdam, for violating Facebook's promotion guidelines—not for nudity but for using a Like button as a voting mechanism. Sure, the app sounds it would be a trashy bit of American Pie perviness. But actually, it's been harmless, artistic and fun. The photography is lighthearted and stylish, more catwalk than crass. I'd put it alongside Moosejaw's X-Ray Vision app as a promotion that's far less ribald than it sounds. Check out some of the (quite safe for work) Stussy photos from the Facebook app after the jump.

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