Prudential Got Loved Ones to Stare at Each Other for 4 Emotional Minutes in This Ad

Disconnect to reconnect

Prudential Singapore is inviting people to reconnect in an emotional new spot.

"Our relationships are becoming more and more disconnected," reads the opening on-screen copy. "Can simply looking at someone for 4 minutes improve your relationship?" 

The work is reminiscent of Dr. Arthur Aron's experiment, where two people fell in love after he instructed them to ask each other a series of questions while staring into each other's eyes for up to four minutes. 

The people Prudential Singapore choose for this social experiment vary in their relationships: husband and wife, parent and child, siblings. We started watching stoically and skeptically—as one is apt to be when so many brands' premises seem to be, "Let's do a social experiment so it'll go viral!"

But halfway in, we sobbed our way through a small pile of tissues.

The relatives interact and react, and it feels special and endearing. It's certainly a gentle way for a life insurance/investment brand to positively connect with consumers when the message can often be a bit of a downer (it's life insurance, after all). 

The lovely and emotional piece, created by FCB, ends with the copy, "Your relationships are precious. Protect them," before moving onto a slightly awkward invitation to reconnect with relatives via the #RelationshipReconnect hashtag. 

While the YouTube count is respectable (550,000 views as of writing), the video has been scraped and shared millions of times across Facebook. It's a hit all around from Prudential Singapore and a creative, thoughtful example of social experimentation done right. 

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Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.