Pitching New Business? Don’t Behave Like These Imbeciles in the Meeting

It's Smartypants, not Smart Pants, stupid

Next time you go into a pitch meeting, you probably want to know what the client's business actually is.

Such is the helpful moral of this comedy video from Smartypants, a new branded content production company from New York-based Seftel Productions, that does not in fact have much to do with pants. Yet a pair of inept but entertaining strategy consultants, played by improv artist Rich Hollman and actor Jim Conroy, enthusiastically make a bid for Smartypants's pants business anyway.

Hollman comes across as something like a cross between Chris Pratt as Parks and Rec's Andy Dwyer and Rainn Wilson as The Office's Dwight Schrute. Conroy, whom you might know as one of AT&T's awkward but knowledgable "Network Guys," delivers some pretty strong shades of Steve Carell as Michael Scott.

(Joshua Seftel, the parent company's namesake, doesn't play himself in the clip, but does make a cameo as a white-suited workman. His directing credits include the 2008 John Cusack feature War, Inc., the first two seasons of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and a number of documentary and PSA projects.)

Spoiler alerts: The pitch itself includes a live jingle performance about zippers and buttons, sewing kits for on-the-go mending, and a sweepstakes for a pair of custom-tailored jeans from Brooklyn Denim Co. That last part, at least, is real—enter at the Smartypants Facebook page for your chance to win.

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