Pets Rescue Their Humans in This Touching British Ad for Animal Adoption

Battersea asks, 'Who needs who?'

One woman is less lonely while working from home. A teenager finds comfort while suffering from alopecia. A doctor's orders help a man battle depression. What do they all have in common? A loving pet.

This new ad for U.K. animal shelter Battersea examines the uniformly sweet, if occasionally goofy, ways in which humans relate to, and rely on, their cats and dogs.

The "Who needs who?" tagline distills the point nicely: While technically it's people who adopt pets, the resulting relationship is more of a two-way street.

The position is a touch defensive and risks falling into the genre trap of schmaltziness, but it thankfully ventures nowhere near hyper-manipulative Sarah McLachlan territory.

More important, it's also heartfelt and credible. Everyone needs a reason to laugh sometimes; a large dog who wholeheartedly believes he's small enough to sit on your lap is a pretty good one.


Creatives: Benjamin Wight, Jennifer Craven

Music Production: Melissa Hammond

Editor: Lucia Curzi

Visual Effects: Jonny Hicks

Producer: Rosanne Crisp

Colorist: Simona Harrison

Production Manager: Claire Fishersmith

Production Company: Great Guns

Producer: Mathew Alden

Line Producer: Nina van Heerden

Executive Producer: Laura Gregory

Director of Photography: Dennis Madden

Director: Frankie Caradonna

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