Pep Boys Mechanics Reflect on Gender in SNL’s Perfect Spoof of Starbucks’ ‘Race Together’

Leaving customers horrified

The Internet didn't tolerate Starbucks' #RaceTogether promotion about racial awereness, and the coffee giant swiftly ditched the effort. But Saturday Night Live took notice, and brilliantly skewered the overly simplistic campaign this weekend.

SNL took it to a comically exaggerated level, imagining a group of Pep Boys employees trying to begin a dialogue about gender and sexual identity with folks just trying to get their oil changed. "If you got both parts down there, then be proud. If I had both, I'd be doin' myself all day long," says Aidy Bryant's charmingly ignorant character, fully embracing the fake #genderflect crusade. 

SNL has been hitting edgy topics with its fake ads lately, and this one really nails it.

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