The Panthers pay off for BooneOakley

Sauced2BooneOakley is a better advertising agency than Hadrian’s Wall. Really. It says so on Hadrian’s Wall’s Web site. Visitors to the Chicago shop’s site will see a bottle of Carolina hot sauce appear and dispense the message: “Y’all just got hot sauced,” before morphing into Charlotte, N.C.-based BooneOakley’s logo. The companion copy reads, in part, “BooneOakley is far superior to Hadrian’s Wall. Really. We’re not just saying that because of a bet.” Of course, that’s exactly why they’re saying it. The cyber hijacking is a payout by Kevin Lynch, principal of Hadrian’s Wall, whose beloved Chicago Bears were mauled last week by David Oakley’s Carolina Panthers in last weekend’s NFL playoff game. But Oakley doesn’t want his victory dance to end. He’s now challenged an unnamed Seattle agency to a bet over an upcoming Panthers playoff against the Seattle Seahawks. But so far, the shop hasn’t taken the bait. “They aren’t as confident in their team as we are,” Oakley said. “I think they are afraid of the Carolina Panthers.”

—Posted by Jim Lovel