Organic Valley Is Back to ‘Save the Bros’ Again, and This Time You Can Help Brononymously

Protect a Twitter friend from bad protein

Earlier this year, Organic Valley launched a brilliantly idiotic campaign to save bros from synthetic protein. Now, the dairy marketer wants you to know the work isn't done.

A new video from Alex Bogusky-backed agency Humanaut introduces an anonymous bro-themed hotline, where would-be good samaritans can try to help without risking juvenile retaliation (recounted in the ad as 60 Minutes-style confessionals).

The hotline promotes an online component that asks users to name the Twitter handle of a bro in need of saving, and select up to seven of his bro qualities, like whether he has a tribal tattoo. Each quality comes with its own special video appeal.

Overall, the new work's best part might be the spokeswoman's crazy eyes—clocking in at a higher degree of intensity than in February's more deadpan launch spot. The basic concept here is, at its heart, the exact same joke as the original, just stretched further, at moments to the point of feeling thin.

But it does benefit from new gems, like suggesting that if bros weren't propping up the market for gold chains, the value of precious metals (and ultimately the world economy) might collapse. Other excellent little touches include an edit halfway through the clip on tanning, when the spokeswoman suddenly turns orange, or the video on puerile innuendo, when she addresses the viewer as "a real Edgar Allen Bro."

And anyway, the whole thing wouldn't really capture the essence of bro if it didn't harp on the same gag over and over again.


Client: Organic Valley

Product: Organic Fuel

Campaign: "Brononymous Hotline"

Agency: Humanaut

Creative Advisor: Alex Bogusky

Creative Director: David Littlejohn

Strategy: Andrew Clark

Account Director: Elizabeth Cates

Copywriters: Andrew Ure / David Littlejohn

Art Directors: Matt Denyer / Daniel Edelman

Senior Designer: Stephanie Gelabert

Creative Intern: Sam Hazelfeldt

Production Company: Fancy Rhino, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Director: Daniel Jacobs

Producers: Katie Nelson / Ivannah Flores

Director of Photography: Phil Dillon

Photographers: Jaime Smialek / John Goodridge / Cooper Winterson

Editors: Colin Loughlin / Tyler Beasley

Colorist: Andrew Aldridge

Production Designer: Chad Harris

Music Company: Skypunch Studios, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Composer: Carl Cadwell

Media Partner: Redwood

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