(Not Quite) April Fools’! Brand Pranks Are Out in Full Force Already

Expect an awful lot of chocolate ... and glitter

Want to look like your pet? Petco proposes a salon just for that with its April Fools' Day gag. Petco
Headshot of Angela Natividad

The awesome thing about April Fools’ Day in the digital age is that you’re less likely to worry about finding tacks scattered on your favorite chair or some buffoon whipping out a whoopie cushion. The best gags are bound to happen online, where we can review them with the amused distance of fake news connoisseurs … all from the safety of our screens.

And since April Fools’ falls on a Sunday this year, lots of brands are pushing their pranks before the actually day. Here’s some of the good, bad and the questionable pranks that we’ve seen so far.


Peeps introduces its new celebrity creative director: the Energizer Bunny! It keeps going and going—long after the product itself disappears from shelves once egg-hunting time is over.

Burger King

How committed are you to Burger King? Enough to get an order kiosk installed in your living room? Because that’s exactly what the brand is proposing with Buzzman’s “Whopper Easy Order”—though this foolishness feels tamer than when it actually challenged the King of Belgium or hired people to wait in line for you, or released a cryptocurrency…

Back stateside, Burger King’s got another trick up its sleeve: The Chocolate Whopper. No need to wait for dessert when you can have it for lunch.


With help from The Integer Group, fermented probiotic and kombucha beverage brand KeVita taps into the drinkable glitter trend with organic glitter-infused KeVita Master Brew Kombucha Gilded Grapefruit—an even bigger mouthful than KeVita’s product description. Sure is pretty, though.


It’s often said that pets end up resembling their masters over time, so you might as well jump ahead: Petco’s Beautiful Bond Salon, endorsed by dog dad Topher Brophy, ensures your fusional relationship with your pet is as obvious as possible. It also serves as wonderful hangover candy for The Shape of Water.

White Castle

Why eat your sliders when you can drink them? No one has time for that. For folks looking to get “swole,” White Castle enters the fitness industry with White Castle Whey, 100 percent slider protein.

Chuck E. Cheese

Rock stars are so fickle. Building on news that the brand plans to remove its weird animatronic band from a few stores, Chuck E. Cheese presents Munch’s Make Believe Band’s Farewell Tour. (Mr. Munch is one of the band members, along with Chuck E. Cheese, Helen Henny, Jasper T. Jowls and Pasqually. Now you know all their names!)

Concert posters will be distributed nationwide … and you can also download the band’s latest album (for real).

Pop Chips

Pop Chips has a new product for the Lisa Frank fan in you: Unicorn Balls, a “nut-free puffed snack full of creamy rainbow filling with zero shrinkage.”

Made with organic unicorn cream filling—milk powder, unicorn tears, enchanted magic, liquid love, essence of pink—plus some organic sparkles, probably from the same place KeVita got its glitter.


Shahs of Sunset’s Reza Farahan stars in this winner from SodaStream, created alongside Bed Bath and Beyond. The SodaSoak is a bath experience you—and your genitals!—will never forget. Plus, you can add flavors.


Can’t decide whether to have bacon or cereal for breakfast? Fret no more: Smithfield’s Bacon Crisps combines both. It’s a sweetened corn cereal complete with real mouth-watering bacon. Hopefully cooked.


This is pretty inspired. Cars have sensors for avoiding collisions; why not distracted people walking around on phones? Enter the Sixth Sense app from Honda.

Its “sidewalk departure warning” will alert you when you’re about to veer off the sidewalk, but the best feature by far is the “personal avoidance system,” which informs you of people you don’t want to run into and reroutes you.

Welcome to a collision-free life.

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