Nokia’s Giant Stop-Motion Ad Smaller Than Sum of Its Parts

No sense of scale in finished film

Stop-motion morning on AdFreak continues with Nokia. Last summer, the telecom brand presented the charming stop-motion adventures of Dot, a tiny girl's fevered—but ultimately victorious—sprint through a threatening dream world full of small things, shot with a microscopic fixture on a Nokia N8 cell phone. Now, directing duo Sumo Science are back (along with Wieden + Kennedy and Aardman Animation) with literally giant project—an oversized film about a bizarre and magically invincible fisherman who finds himself, Jonah-style, in the belly of a beast, only to be blown out intact by a naval mine he inadvertently triggers. It was an incredibly involved production—perhaps the largest stop-motion film ever made. (The biggest shot captures an area of beach that's 11,000 square feet.) Three N8's strapped to a cherry picker filmed the action, as a small army of animators helped a sand artist rake the elaborate designs into the beach. It might be bad form to question such a gargantuan project, but the trouble is, there's no way to tell that sense of scale in the finished film—except for the shot above, which isn't really part of the movie at all. In the end, the making-of video (also posted below) is more engaging—surely not the effect Nokia was angling for.