Nespresso Steams (and Sues) Over Rival Coffee Brand’s Clooney Clone

Look-alike lands Israeli brand in court

Two coffee brands are fighting over George Clooney. Then again, who wouldn't?

Nespresso, which has employed Clooney as its pitchman in international markets since 2006 and launched a U.S. ad featuring Clooney and Danny DeVito in November, is suing coffee company Israeli Espresso Club over ads employing a Clooney lookalike. 

In the cheeky Israeli Espresso Club spot below, Clooney's doppelganger is labeled "not George Clooney," but Nespresso nonetheless demands it be pulled and is seeking $50,000 in damages, claiming it is misleading to consumers. (We just hope Amal isn't confused.) 


For comparison's sake, here is the recent Nespresso spot featuring both Clooney and DeVito:

In addition to Nespresso, Clooney has also served as pitchman for Omega watches, appeared in bank ads in Norway, and is the face of his own Casamigos tequila brand in the U.S.