Mike Tyson Stars in ‘Black Power’ Ads for Energy Drink

Boxer aims to show Poland 'how Black works'

Hey, scrawny teenage fops. Back-alley vending machine eat your coins? If only a white-clad Mike Tyson were there to free your trapped energy drink with a gentle rap of his knuckle, then leave you one of his many white-clad lady friends. So goes the strange fantasy in a recent spot from Grey Warsaw for Black, a Polish energy drink. Tyson closes the spot with his line, "Now that's how Black works," followed by the tagline: "Black power." While it's not a racist ad per se, it's certainly awash in awkward undertones. (Not to mention the fact Tyson hands out one of his groupies like he's spotting the guy a $5 bill.) In a second clip, which you can see after the jump, Tyson sings about how Black is even crazier than he is, before flicking a piano across the room and screaming like a madman. According to the Warsaw Business Journal, he has a three-year deal with the brand, which likely means we can expect more weirdness like this. (Via Ads of the World)

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