McDonald’s Launches ‘Chicken Legend’ With World’s Least Dangerous Daredevil Stunt

Yet it's still rather suspenseful

Chickens might not fly much in life, but in death, a few of them got some pretty good air time with this odd U.K. stunt for McDonald's new Chicken Legend sandwich.

A spot recapping the effort opens with ingredient action shots that are slightly more melodramatic than standard-fare food porn. The finished recipe is placed in a box and strapped to the back of a remote control car.

The whole package proceeds to perform an Evel Knievel-style jump over a couple of McDonald's tractor trailers, all under the direction of RC car world champion Lee Martin.

Why does this chicken patty get to jump over trucks? Because advertising puns! It's a Chicken Legend, and legends do fearless things, and what better way to sell sandwiches than to project human qualities like courage onto inanimate food like chicken cutlets.

It's brilliantly shot—even serene, at moments—if a bit more involved than the brand's work on the other side of the English Channel. And it's an ultimately endearing bit of fun, even if it is pretty dumb, not unlike your average chicken. 

If you feel so inclined, you can carve up your own cut of the video on a McDonald's microsite.

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