McDonald's 60-Second Meals in Japan Aren't Going So Well

Timer on the counter isn't helping quality

In Japan, McDonald's apparently has a reputation for consistent quality and efficiency. But those traits are clearly in jeopardy, thanks to the burger chain's new pledge there to serve your meal in less than 60 seconds. Kotaku today shares "a gallery of hamburger horrors" that Japanese McDonald's customers have posted to Twitter since the 60-second promotion began. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., a one-minute timer is set up at each register, creating a mad scramble to fulfill each order. (The sane and orderly process depicted below is evidently an anomaly.) Some unhappy customers say the net result has just been sloppiness, including hamburgers with no meat. It seems one of two things is bound to happen: Either Japanese McDonald's locations ramp up their process training to make better use of the one-minute window, or they'll be forced to admit that 60 seconds simply isn't enough time to make something fit for human consumption.