Man-Butts Gyrate to Sell Women Skin Cream

Vichy's 'Booty Break' is a full-screen rump romp

If there’s one thing that generally doesn’t get much attention—in life or mass marketing—it’s the man-butt. After the male stripper flick Magic Mike opens Friday, that may change. Add to that a new Vichy skin-care campaign where a bunch of guys drop trou to convince us gals to buy cellulite cream, and suddenly everything’s coming up gyrating bums! Vichy's "Booty Break" microsite, created by Montreal's Agence Tuxedo, plays a saucy French pop soundtrack while parading across the screen a number of tight ends that will shake, flex, dance and get slapped on demand. Bow chicka wow wow? The men strip from the waist up but keep their boxers and briefs, so the promo is somewhat safe for work. People seem to be digging it so far, logging nearly 200,000 views, even though it takes a long time to get to the product-related payoff. Which is? If ladies want to love their butts as much as they love these butts, they need to hit the cosmetic counter with $40 in hand to buy Vichy's awkwardly named CelluDestock. After that, shaking and slapping your moneymaker is optional but obviously encouraged.