Macy’s Holiday Ad Is a Touching Tale of Being Apart From Those We Love at Christmas

An astronaut mom receives a surprising connection to home

A gift from home connects an astronaut with her family in Macy's holiday ad from BBDO New York. Macy's
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The Space Station is only about 250 miles from Earth, and astronauts are never alone there, yet it remains a perfect modern metaphor for isolation. The reason is simple: It’s the ultimate mental image of being separated from our loved ones.

Earlier this year, Ronald McDonald House and Canadian agency Cossette used the image allegorically, illustrating a mom’s feeling of not being able to visit her child in the hospital.

Now, for the holiday season, Macy’s and agency BBDO New York take to orbit for a more literal story of a family separated at Christmas while mom is serving solo on a spacecraft. Through a series of brief and potent scenes, we watch from both the Earth and space as the holidays near and hopes for a family reunion dwindle.

But luckily, her daughter planned ahead for just such a contingency:

Admittedly, NASA purists might find the whole scenario a bit silly, partly because it takes place aboard a fictional solo spacecraft that’s quite a bit lonelier than the real International Space Station.

One might picture Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield’s eerily lonesome video playing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” but in fact he’s said serving in space was actually a very different experience: “On board the space station, we were there with five good friends most of the time, and we could see the whole world out the window, see the entire planet over and over again,” he told U.S. News and World Reports. “And we’re constantly talking to mission control, we had email, I could phone my wife and I could communicate via social media. So I have never felt more connected with everybody on Earth.”

And, of course, NASA engineers would be apoplectic at the idea of countless tiny bits of styrofoam floating about the carefully controlled cabin.

But setting aside such fetters of reality, one has to admit Macy’s found a lovely and memorable image for the holidays—while also quietly celebrating women in STEM careers (BBDO also being the agency behind Barbie’s recent push to empower girls in fields like science and math).

Plus, who hasn’t wanted to live in a snow globe at some point? Except for all those people who worked at St. Elsewhere?


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