Lisa Loeb: Single and selling out

LisaloebWith A-list actors and musicians scrambling to sign on with big name advertisers, it’s time we assign a new meaning to the words "selling out." My suggestion: Trading your privacy for a half-hour time slot. It seems that ’90s alt-pop sweetheart Lisa Loeb is doing just that with her E! reality show #1 Single, which airs Sunday at 10 p.m.  It’s been 12 years since she hit it big with "Stay" and, save the odd appearance at the Hello Kitty store in Times Square and a short-lived Food Network series, she’s stayed squarely off camera.  Now 37, Loeb is shucking her privacy (and perhaps her dignity) by appearing on the same network that delivered us laughingstock Anna Nicole Smith. In an AP video clip, Loeb explains that after two failed six-year relationships she’s looking for a marrying man. And while her site describes her as “a real life Carrie Bradshaw,” she comes off less fabulous than sad. (Though still cute as a button.) Besides, with bowdlerized TBS reruns of Sex and the City and the complete DVD collection, there’s no shortage of the original Carrie Bradshaw.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit