Lexus Does Killer 3-D Building Projection in Hollywood

Hyundai kicked some ass with that 3-D building projection in Malaysia recently, and now Lexus has done a similar thing in Hollywood. The stunning ad for the Lexus CT 200h hybrid unfolded in multi-dimensions on the side of the Roosevelt Hotel. Technically, it's dubbed a "3-D architectural projection mapping installation," which is a fancy name for a killer outdoor ad where a Lexus appears to drive all over the side of the historic building, flowers bloom on it, and water spews from it. The campaign, from Pearl Media, launched on Earth Day (well, Earth Night, so it would be visible) and joins the growing stable of out-of-home commercials that might actually stop you in your tracks. The 3-D ad is part of a full-court press going on now for the hybrid car, which is aimed at a younger, edgier buyer than the typical Lexus models. See some of the CGI-heavy spots, from Walton Isaacson in L.A., after the jump.