Levi’s Blows Up Berlin Walls in Attempt to Look Cool

Watching things explode on camera is really cool. Just ask Michael Bay. Or Levi's and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. The agency turned to Portuguese street artist Vhils to help create murals in cultural hotspot Berlin promoting the brand's "Go Forth" campaign, which declares its denim to be the "Uniform of Progress" and its wearers to be pioneers. After etching the faces of a couple local artists and an activist into city walls using a hammer drill, Vhils filled in the recesses with plaster and gunpowder charges, then set them off and filmed the portraits emerging from the debris. Exploding murals is apparently a signature medium for Vhils, who has a whole abstract theoretical line as to why it's like archaeology. We're not sure about all that, and the whole slow-motion thing ends up feeling being a bit melodramatic, and the boom a bit anemic. Still, the video does create a unique and kind of compelling visual effect. It also puts Levi's neck and neck with Beck's for AdFreak's Artsy Advertiser of the Week Award, where huge global brands chase creative street cred by trying really hard to be cool.