L'eggs Attempts a Comeback: Too L'ittle Too L'ate?

Try on the new spot, and some vintage pantyhose ads

Just because Kate Middleton can rock sheer pantyhose doesn't mean 20- and 30-something women all over the place will follow her lead. Or does it? L'eggs, the brand that pioneered plastic ostrich-sized eggs as packaging, is looking for a comeback. The timing could be good—there's a white-hot light on Middleton's gams. Or the effort could be futile—our own royalty, Michelle Obama, usually goes bare legged. Anyway, the marketer is stepping up its TV advertising for the first time in more than a decade to try to convince stylish women that hose aren't just for grandma and funerals (or Grandma's funeral). Check out the jaunty new spot below. (It first broke last spring but is back for a bigger run this fall.) And for perspective, Slate pulled some vintage pantyhose campaigns starring terrible outfits, Joe Namath, a post-Three's Company Joyce DeWitt, a pre-Dallas Linda Gray and a zoo animal. Ah, those were the days when comparing a woman's wrinkly pantyhose to an elephant's hide was as commonplace as saying her meatloaf was dry. Look how far we've come! A couple of the vintage spots after the jump.