L.A.’s Fun, Gruesome Animations Show You More Dumb Ways to Die Around Trains

That's gonna leave a mark

It's a beautiful day in Safetyville, but not if you try to race a speeding train across the tracks or distractedly walk into its path while scrolling through Tinder. Splat!

That's the message in a scared-straight-style animated campaign from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in Los Angeles, which takes a cue from the Cannes Lion-winning Aussie series "Dumb Ways to Die."

Given that the digital ads hail from the pop-culture mecca—Hollywood—it would seem the in-house creators could've at least added some catchy, original music. Would it have killed you, MTA? That's the only complaint, really, about this hilariously horrifying PSA series that shows the myriad ways in which people can be decapitated, dismembered, pancaked and pulverized by high-speed public transit.

Sample titles: "Mindful or mangled?" "Careful or crushed?" Viewers get a bit of backstory for every victim, bringing it all closer to home, and a chipper voiceover tells of a life, an adventure, a simple commute, thwarted by bad decisions and absentmindedness. Cold!

It's done with stick-figures, so there's no actual blood, and it serves the purpose of trying to cut down on fatalities and injuries on one of the deadliest light-rail lines in the country. So far the response to the gallows humor has been strong, with the six shorts snagging about 1 million views on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram in their first week.

Stay safe now, Angelenos. 

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