Kit Kat Just Created Its Own Unofficial Lego Set, and It’s Awesome

Each bar is a secret compartment

Break me off a piece of this awesome homage to Lego from the marketing folks at Kit Kat.

Chances are, whenever you eat a Kit Kat, you think to yourself, "Now if only I could deconstruct this candy bar and construct insane little creatures out of the pieces."

Well, your oddly specific dream can now be a reality. According to this flickr set, there are Lego people hidden inside the bars of chocolate, and you can make planes, beavers, dinosaurs, WHATEVER YOU WANT out of the pieces. The chocolatier notes this project is "a tribute from Kit Kat to Lego, builders of one of the best breaks ever. This is not an official Lego product."

Not shown is the process of putting the candy bar back together. Also not pictured: the extensive and warning labels and disclaimers that would be required, though the whole thing is sure to be safer than making figurines from empty cans of Lone Star beer

Via Neatorama.




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