Kenneth Cole and Gavin McInnes Can’t Save You From Being a Loser

You still won't make it with the ladies

Hey, dude. If you're the kind of hopeless tool who lacks the basic social skills to interact normally with members of the opposite sex, Kenneth Cole Reaction's new "Connected" fragrance is the smell for you. That's according to this new campaign from agency RJW Collective, featuring Vice-founder-turned-adman Gavin McInnes doling out tips to a series of male idiots who are bumbling their way through (un)romantic encounters. At the end of each spot (they've released two so far, with more to come), McInnes sprays each toad with the scent, magically transforming them into a spitting image of Prince Charming. Kudos to the fashion brand for actually bothering, unlike so many others, to use a concept. And for breaking its own long tradition of having a pun in every sentence. Alas, the fantastical turnaround won't play out in the real world—fating the cologne to become, like so many others, the ineffectual crutch of total douchebags. Second spot after the jump.