JetBlue Made a 16-Minute Film About Being Too Busy, Which You May Be Too Busy to Watch

But it's surprisingly fun

If you think your life is too busy, talk to the guy who's working eight jobs.

JetBlue and Mullen Lowe are out with "HumanKinda," a new campaign that pokes fun at high-demand modern lives. Comedian Sam Richardson, perhaps best known for his role on HBO's Veep, plays host in a 16-minute film, directed by Bianca Giaever, about how little time people have for anything these days (like watching a 16-minute film. Get it?).

Here's the trailer:

And here's the full 16-minute film:

Richardson does a great job of keeping the piece moving along at a clip—JetBlue's sales pitch, about slowing down and taking some vacation, is present but takes a back seat to his lighthearted exploration of what's making people so high strung, what they're missing as a result, and what he can do to help.

One study subject is Ryan, a guy who has more than half a dozen part-time gigs. Ultimately, he gets a chance to spend a day doing nothing with James Ward, founder of the Boring Conference (yes, it's a real thing), as well as enjoying a personalized dating show, so he can get back in that game. Another subject, Jennifer, is a working mom who gets a trip to a breathing specialist, and a little time relaxing with a needlepoint group in Florida. (Choice moments include when Richardson makes lunch for her daughter, so she won't have to—suffice it to say, he's a better jokester than chef.)

In the end, it's an entertaining and reasonably persuasive argument. Anyone working in the modern economy can relate. And while there's no shortage of travel and hospitality ads trying to convince you to take that vacation, watching Richardson start to deflate some of the more common excuses makes it easier to imagine the possibility of getting away than just seeing beauty shots of—or trying to imagine yourself in—exotic places.

There's also a Tumblr hub featuring more than 100 pieces of shareable social content

The title itself, "HumanKinda," recalls Airbnb's "Is Mankind?" but absent the tedious philosophizing, in favor of a nice little insight wrapped up in a pun. That is to say, JetBlue's work is intentionally rather than accidentally funny.

Then again, who has time for things that are funny?


Client: JetBlue Airways

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Agency: Mullen Lowe

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Agency: Mullen Lowe


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