James Franco readies awkward Oscar jokes


It’s a truism in television that nobody watches the Oscars for the host. Granted, that person has the heaviest burden of the evening, except maybe for the celebrities who have to look gracious on camera in the face of crushing defeat. But if James Franco has anything to do with it, people might tune in to see him on the emcee’s hot seat. (He’s also a nominee for best actor for 127 Hours.) Franco’s already been at work with co-host Anne Hathaway on a series of on-air promos that are running on Oscars broadcaster ABC and elsewhere. Now, he’s teamed up with Judd Apatow for the Funny or Die clip below, which has the, ahem, audacity to mention an intimate sexual theme running through some of the year’s nominated flicks. In picking Franco and Hathaway, the Academy fully admits it’s aiming at a younger audience. I wonder if the august group realized that people would be chattering about cunnilingus in the run-up to Hollywood’s most prestigious evening?