It’s Chicken Vs. Turkey in KFC’s Holiday Ad About the Ultimate Poultry Showdown

The U.K. spot is aimed at Christmas, but works well for U.S. Thanksgiving too

Why did the chicken cross the road? To kick some turkey ass.

In the U.K., Christmas is both the one day that just about everyone eats turkey and the one day that KFC locations are closed.

Considering those facts, it’s with a bit of irony that KFC U.K. and Ireland rolls out its holiday ad from Mother. The spot presents an epic showdown between poultry’s most iconic incarnations, all set to the rousing tune of “The Ecstasy of Gold,” part of Ennio Morricone’s score to the 1966 film The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Who will prevail in the battle between turkey and chicken? Since it’s an ad for KFC, you can probably guess, but it’s a fun buildup anyway:

“Turkey comes and goes,” claims the kicker. “Chicken’s here to stay.”

Brits will understand that it’s KFC’s way of giving turkey its one day in the spotlight, with the reminder that chicken dominates the other 364 days of dinner preferences. But it might work just as well for U.S. audiences, for whom KFC locations are closed on Thanksgiving during our own single-day obsession with the plumper poultry.

“We close our restaurants on (Dec.) 25th allowing turkey to have its moment in the sun,” says Monica Pool, marketing director for KFC U.K. and Ireland. “Every other day of the year, you needn’t worry, KFC will be there.”

The ad is a follow-up of sorts to Mother’s 2017 spot featuring chickens strutting to DMX’s “X Gonna Give It to Ya.” That was the agency’s first work for the client, and some criticized the ad for making chicken seem too charming to eat:

The new ad is made entirely with CGI, though that might not be obvious enough to stop a few complaints from being filed with Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority.

But for Mother, the ad is a worthwhile way of leaving viewers with a lingering brand promise that applies almost every day of the year.

“There’s only one day of the year in which you can’t get your favorite fried chicken, KFC,” says Hermeti Balarin, partner at Mother, “and that’s the 25th of December. Chicken rules the roost on the other 364 days.”

Client: KFC UK & Ireland
Creative: Mother
Campaign name: Crossroads
Prod Co: MJZ
Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
Editor: Fabrizio Rossetti
Post: nineteentwenty
Sound: 750mph / Sam Robson
Media: Blue449

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