Inside the Multiagency Effort to Pull Off a Tulsa Juneteenth Rally in Just 4 Days

Jasmine Teer worked with agency and community partners, bringing speakers like Kamala Harris and Alfre Woodard on board

a poster with people's black and white headshots that says tulsa juneteenth block party
"More than a dozen groups in Tulsa came together to make the Juneteenth Block Party happen in under a week," said Teer. Tulsa Block Party

When President Donald Trump announced he would hold a campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla., on June 19, Black Americans and advocates nationwide were aghast. The time and location chosen seemed impossibly bold. A rally on the slavery emancipation holiday Juneteenth? At the site of one of U.S. history’s ugliest racist massacres that left 300 Black Tulsans dead?

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