Inside Fashion’s Coolest Ads, From Audrey Hepburn to Lady Gaga

Trey Laird's favorite spots, including a famous one from Apple

As one of the top fashion-focused creative directors in advertising, Trey Laird has worked with plenty of big names, from Madonna to Missy Elliott. But creating breakthrough marketing is about much more than getting a famous face out there.

The founder, CEO and chief creative officer at Laird + Partners sat down with Adweek to talk about his favorite ads ever. And not surprisingly, several of them were fashion spots that broke through and became cultural moments in their own right—particularly for Gap.

In this video, Laird tells us about his 2006 Gap commercial that used footage of Audrey Hepburn from Funny Face to wonderful effect. He also discusses the digitally driven fashion show that his agency made last year for Tom Ford, starring Lady Gaga. That work won gold at the Clio Awards recently, and shook up an experience—the fashion show—that’s been the same for so many years.

He also chats about a seminal Apple ad, and why Beyoncé is such an inspiration.

Check out the full Gap “Back in Black” and Tom Ford videos below.

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