In These ‘Sucky’ Times, Coors Light Is Now Offering Free Beers

Nominations via #CouldUseABeer will earn a free 6-pack via new campaign from DDB

Woman holding a Coors Light and a sign that says, 'I need more beer'
Olive Veronesi, 93, became went from quarantine hero to ad star thanks to Coors Light. Coors Light
Headshot of David Griner

Coors Light fans across the country owe a special thanks to Olive Veronesi, though you probably don’t need to buy her a beer.

After the 93-year-old Pennsylvanian was photographed holding up a sign that said, “I need more beer!” and her image quickly circulated the globe, Coors Light sent her 10 free cases.

But her impact didn’t end there. She’s now motivated Coors Light and agency DDB to offer free beer for any American who deserves a six-pack.

In a new spot that tosses aside talk of “these uncertain times,” Coors Light instead acknowledges that these are, in fact, “sucky” times that call for a beer.

While most brands are going for a tone of solemn empathy in their quarantine-era advertising, Coors Light and DDB opted instead to be more frank and say that this period just sucks.

“So many brands are trying to articulate how people are feeling, tugging on the heartstrings,” said Britt Nolan, North American CCO for DDB. “What we found is that it’s really hard to articulate how people are feeling right now. It just sucks. And it sucks differently for everybody.”

"It's really hard to articulate how people are feeling right now. It just sucks. And it sucks differently for everybody."
—Britt Nolan, North America CCO, DDB

The spot continues a long tradition of showing beer’s role in great moments of U.S. history—the Revolutionary War, the Great Depression, etc.—but then gives the trope a fun twist by admitting that the beer really didn’t contribute much beyond making things more tolerable.

For example, the spot describes the end of Prohibition but stops short of crediting it with much beyond boosting American morale.

“Did it solve anything? No, of course not,” the ad says, “But it did help them press on.”

The creative team wasn’t always certain the word “sucky,” which in multiple variations makes up much of the spot’s script, would end up in the final cut. But the client supported it, and some quick testing found it resonated well with Americans in quarantine.

“We did spend some time thinking about what was the perfect word to describe what we’re going through right now,” Nolan said. [Brands are] all playing the same emotional note right now. But I think the thing you can’t forget is that brands can be a social levity for people, especially beer. Beer should lighten the mood.”

The #CouldUseaBeer promotion encourages fans to nominate a friend or loved one who deserves a free 6-pack, and a unique code will be provided for the participant to give as a gift of sorts to the deserving friend. (Technically, yes, you can then use the code for yourself.)

The promotion will max out once 500,000 beers have been given away.

While DDB had been considering a similar campaign for a while, the creative team fully credits Veronesi’s moment in the global social media spotlight as the spark that made it happen right now.

“When Coors decided to send her a bunch of cases of beers, the conversation it sparked was about all these people coming out saying who else could use a beer,” Nolan said. “So the notion had been floating around, but people were ready to have this conversation.”


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