How Patrón Keeps Its Luxury Brand Status While Also Prioritizing Social Good

Its hands-on approach keeps it in this elevated standing

Video: Josh Rios; Editor: John Tejada
Headshot of James Cooper

Sixty hands touch every bottle of Patrón tequila before it ever leaves the production facility in Mexico.

“It’s not about doing what’s efficient, it’s about doing what’s right,” said Patrón global CMO Lee Applbaum during an interview at Brandweek—done, appropriately enough, while enjoying a Patrón on the rocks.

From cutting the agave to hand-signing each label, Applbaum said the hands-on approach of its more than 1,600 employees gives the brand an elevated status. “It’s expensive to do that, but the truth is we pass much of that on in a higher, more expensive product. That’s the beauty of luxury goods.”

Above, watch our interview with Applbaum after his talk at Brandweek in Palm Springs last week.

@jcoopernyc James Cooper is editorial director of Adweek.