Hot Topic Has a New Star Wars-Inspired Clothing Line for Women

Fun stuff that's also size-inclusive

Star Wars fandom and the merchandise that goes with it are often fraught with drama. Said drama often comes from the exclusion of women, whether that's female characters being left out of games, figurines, various other items or clothing options for women.

That's part of the reason why Hot Topic's new Star Wars clothing line is something to be excited about, even if the clothing is rather costume-y. It helps that the line is also size-inclusive, with some items ranging from XS to 5X, though that isn't reflected in the line's promo video (see below). 

Most of the items featured allow you to dress like characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Want to drape yourself in oatmeal-tones like Rey? Go for it. Wear a sweet jacket like Finn's? You got it. Dress in black and red like Kylo Ren? Knock yourself out. 

While the line isn't perfect (it is a bit dress-heavy), it's a nice step. And hopefully future Star Wars merchandising opportunities are just as inclusive as this one.