Hollywood wants its own ‘Got milk?’

Speaking at the ShoWest conference this week in Las Vegas, Motion Picture Association of America president (and former Department of Agriculture official) Dan Glickman suggested the movie industry could stem recent attendance declines by coming up with a generic category-wide slogan along the lines of food-industry phrases like, "Pork. The other white meat," "Beef. It’s what’s for dinner" or the legendary "Got milk?" Notwithstanding the inherent implication that movies are becoming less like art and more like commodities (the complaint of many a critic), what would such a slogan be? Among the possibilities: "A mind is a wonderful thing to waste." "Home of the $10 popcorn." "Movies. The other waste of time." "See all that you can see." Or perhaps the most promising: "Come for the gratuitous
violence. Stay for the exploitative nudity."

—Posted by Gregory Solman