This Holiday’s Hot Fashion Fad Is a $700 Accessory for Your Accessory

Fendi Bag Bugs have 'contagious appeal'

If you're already spending nearly $6,000 for a pocketbook, what's another $700 for a furry little google-eyed "good luck charm" to complete the look? Sure, you could use that money to feed a family of four for a month, but never mind that. You must be on-trend, style mavens!

Italian design house Fendi has created a line of "Bag Bugs" that are expected to be hot items this Christmas among those flush with disposable income. The ultimate accessory for your accessory, the Bag Bugs are made of leather, mink and fox fur.

The Telegraph describes the Bag Bugs as an example of trends "that satisfy a need we never knew existed, but once spied suddenly expose a gaping hole in your wardrobe." The little flaps of flair (recommended to go with the new Monster Eyes Peekaboo bag shown above, which retails at Neiman-Marcus for $5,700) sport cutesy names like Wild Jess, Lucifur, Dragoo and Furyou. You can watch them cavort together in the Web-only spot below.

The Fendi web site says the “contagious appeal” bugs have “bright little eyes twisted in quizzical expressions, each one with its own personality.” Never mind what owning one says about yours. Via The Cut.

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