Here Are a Bunch of Nicknames for Breasts in 1-Second Animations, for a Good Cause

How would you illustrate your merry berries?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month began on Oct. 1. To get us all in fighting spirit, and alongside Breast Cancer Care, London's Seed Animation Studio united well-known animation directors with a singular challenge—illustrate a different nickname for "breasts" in less than one animated second. 

The result, a 30-second film, includes funny, sometimes provocative illustrations for terms like "Brad Pitts," "sponge cakes," "zonkers," "chesticles" and "fun bags." 

The studio hopes to remind women to check their kahunas real quick for breast cancer—a process that takes just a minute or two.

Conceptually, the spot resembles Carte Noire's Breast Cancer Awareness Month piece from last year, where French nicknames for breasts were set to playful music by Yelle, while known personalities appeared with representative objects over their chests. The taglines are also fairly similar: Seed's "Whatever you call them, check them" is a quicker take on Carte Noire's "We all have different ones, but at least they have a name," followed by a more serious admonition to book a breast screening. 

We doubt the similarities are intentional, given the simplicity of the insight and the separate visions behind the executions. (Tell us, though, if you think otherwise.) 

Both works stand alone fine. Plus, we now have 26 more nicknames for boobies, building on a collection that now covers two languages. If we can get one of these from every country, think of the neat cultural comparisons we could conduct! 

Below, the list of animators (in order of their work's appearance):

Mark M

Jack Sachs

Pencil Bandit

Ben Ommundson

Jelly Gummies

Chris O'Hara

Robert Loebel

Everyone's Favourite

Igor Bastidas

Neal Coghlan

Morgan Powell

Dan Castro

Jack Nelson

Henrique Barone

Corentin Penloup


Caroline Attia

Antonio Vincenti

Andy Khosravani

Ariel Victor

Steve Smith

Sophie Koko Gate

Neil Kidney

Vera Babida

Yukai Du

Aran Quinn

Music and sound effects provided by Mcasso Music

Written and produced by Seed Animation

Thanks to Abigail Dankwa

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