Harrison Ford Calls Out Trump Administration in New Conservation International PSA

'We've got people in charge ... who don't believe in science'

It’s not the first time Conservational International has spread its message by turning to stars, including Ford himself.
Conservation International

Harrison Ford is angry about the Trump Administration’s “War on Science,” and he doesn’t mince words about it in a new PSA for Conservation International. While Ford doesn’t call out the administration by name,  the target of his ire is more than evident.

“Today’s greatest threat is not climate change, not pollution, not famine, flood or fire,” Ford begins over images representing each of those calamities accompanied by text of the voiceover. His voice noticeably swells with anger and frustration as he adds, “It’s that we’ve got people in charge of important shit who don’t believe in science.”

The PSA, which was produced in-house and is called “Message for a New Generation,” goes on to highlight how the environmental nonprofit organization is taking a new approach and “changing the conversation around nature,” with a focus on jobs, security concerns and the impact of environmental destruction on communities.

“We’ll help equip communities and businesses to lead,” Ford continues. “Show them it’s in their own self-interest to protect nature.”

According to the organization, the video uses a voiceover of a live recording of Ford’s speech at Conservation International’s 30th-anniversary gala in Los Angeles on Nov. 2. He had received the Founders’ Award “in recognition of his over-25 years of service” on the board, where he currently serves as executive vice chair. With his permission, the organization used the recording of the remarks, which were written by him.

It’s not the first time Conservational International has spread its message by turning to stars, including Ford himself. In an effort that marked something of a rebrand for the organization, he appeared as The Ocean in a 2014 TBWA/Media Arts Lab campaign entitled “Nature is Speaking,” which also included Julia Roberts, Robert Redford, Penelope Cruz and Edward Norton.

“The environmental movement has missed the mark when talking about nature because it tends to present nature as something that is separate from people,” Conservation International executive vice president and senior scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan said in a statement at the time. “By making it clear that people need nature to survive, we are turning the conversation around and making the movement relevant to entirely new audiences.”

“Message for a New Generation” seems to lean in even further by not just reaching for new audiences, but addressing and combatting the message of an administration that seems hostile to science itself. The spot follows a year of major administration moves including pulling out of the Paris climate change accord and removing online climate change resources from the EPA’s website.

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