This Guy Just Made the Most Hilariously Insane Political Campaign Ad Ever

Starring a giant goose, a dragon and an alien

If crazy political ads are their own kind of art form, this one is something of a masterpiece.

Wyatt Scott is an independent candidate for Canadian parliament. And taking his new spot as evidence, his platform consists primarily of riding giant geese and then jumping off to slay dragons with a sword. In other words, he's sure to have the J.R.R. Tolkien fanboy demographic locked up, along with more general appreciators of science fiction and fantasy.

But even if his policies seem on the well-intentioned and compassionate side, his ridiculous pitch also includes some imagery that could be construed as vaguely offensive. ("Alien" is not the most politically correct term for undocumented immigrants, at least south of the border, though at least Scott gives the extraterrestrial a friendly fist-bump while talking about social programs.)

Nor is it clear what an image that appears to ancient Mayan temple Chichen Itza, located in Yucatan, Mexico—some 3,800 miles away from Scott's electoral district in British Columbia—has to do with the indigenous people of Canada. (Though it's true you could get there pretty fast on the back of a 747-sized Canadian goose.)

Regardless, those minor factual details pale in comparison to the greatest threat Canada apparently faces—which is a 1960s, Mars Attacks-style giant killer robot. Luckily, Scott has superpowers beyond being able to grow an instant beard.

Via TVSpy.

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