Google honors failure on AdWords birthday

Google is a big believer in the Silicon Valley trope that failure is essential to success. So, AKQA and production company Post Panic made comical, overreaching failure the central theme of this video it created for Google to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its AdWords ad system. The video shows Google scientist types devising several outlandish projects to honor AdWords advertisers, such as using thousands of remote-controlled insects to write names in the sky. It ends with Google svp of product management Susan Wojcicki deciding to skip high-tech schemes in favor of a personal thank-you from Googlers in offices across the globe. It's interesting to see how Google dabbles with various agencies for its increasing marketing efforts. One can only imagine the clamor if a Google AOR RFP were to ever materialize. It would make the Zappos process look downright dignified.

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