Good Lord: Video-Game Ad Accused of Religious Censorship

Song lyrics scrutinized in 'Bioshock: Infinite' spot

Taking the Christ out of Christmas is one thing, but taking the lord out of freaky, violent video-game trailers? This shall not stand! At issue is the newest promotional clip for Bioshock: Infinite, which features one the of game's voice actors singing "Will the Circle be Unbroken." Some fundamentally minded viewers were angry to hear the word "lord" missing from the chorus and accused studio Irrational Games of anti-religious censorship. The game's creative director replied on Twitter that "lord" isn't actually in the original lyrics, and Ars Technica dug up the hymnals to prove him right. Apparently it was just a flourish added by the Carter Family when they reworked and popularized the song in 1935. So, there you go. We've resolved the most controversial issue of a game centered on the dark repercussions of American imperialism. Well done.

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