Germans Fight Neo-Nazis by Liking Their Facebook Page and Flooding It With Love

This didn't go over very well

Sadly, there's still a Nazi presence in Germany. Recently, an organization named Laut Gegen Nazis, or Loud Against Nazis, decided to combat the hate with lots of love—or rather, lots of likes.

On International Holocaust Memorial Day, the group encouraged a diverse group of Germans (recruited by ad agency Jung Von Matt/Elbe) to like the NDP (the country's neo-Nazi party) on Facebook and then swarm the page with positive, anti-racist messages like "For a colorful Germany." According to the case study below, more than 100,000 protesters participated in the "Like Attack," and the ensuing coverage generated some 7 million media impressions.

While it's a little unfortunate that participants had to take an action that, on its face, expressed enthusiasm for an awful political presence, the irony is obvious enough to anyone with a brain, and makes for a relatively small evil as a means for raising broader awareness of the issue.

Plus, there's the rich history in social movements of loving your enemies instead of hating them, including the work of revolutionary giants like Martin Luther King Jr.—even if the "Like Attack" doesn't have quite as much depth as some of his thoughts on the subject.

Credits below.


Client: Laut Gegen Nazis

Agency: Jung Von Matt/Elbe

Chief Creative Officers: Tobias Grimm, Doerte Spengler-Ahrens

Creative Directors: Hans-Peter Sporer, Henning Robert

Art Directors: Thimon Machatzke, Canhur Aktuglu

Writer: Luitguard Hagl

Agency Producer: Dennis Wendt

Sound Designer: Steven Hofmann

Digital Multimedia Artist: Joscha Kadegge

Producer: Anna Liem

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.