Gatorade Sorry for Mocking Powerade Spokesman LeBron James Over Cramping

Brand had a flurry of feisty tweets

When LeBron James had to stagger off the court last night with a heat-induced leg cramp, one brand seemed all too happy to pour a few hundred milligrams of sodium into the wound. 

Gatorade, which mocked James in a series of tweets about how dehydration wouldn't be an issue if he didn't "drink something else," today apologized for the posts.

James is the most high-profile celebrity endorser for Powerade, a fact which Gatorade's Twitter account seemed to relish with vindictive glee after the basketball superstar had to take an early exit from Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

"The person cramping wasn't our client," @Gatorade told a fan who mistakenly called James the brand's No. 1 client. "Our athletes can take the heat."

In another response to a Twitter user praising Gatorade for its topical zingers, the brand wrote: "Thanks, Randy. We've been hydrating all day. We never cramp."

While the tweets remain up, the brand has issued a statement of apology.

"Our apologies for our response to fans' tweets," Gatorade said. "We got caught up in the heat of the battle. As a longtime partner of the Miami Heat, we support the entire team."

Hat tip to AdLand.

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