Ole Miss Girl Could Be the Best Party-School Spokeswoman Ever

Student drinks, charms her way to viral fame

Hopefully Ole Miss is prepared for a spike in enrollment and a corresponding dip in GPA, because the university just received one of the best unsolicited party-school endorsements of all time.

In a recent gameday interview with TexAgs.com, University of Mississippi student Shelby Herring stole the show and became in instant celebrity of the Southeastern Conference. Downing champagne in mid-interview, carving out gems of alcohol-infused wisdom and then literally dropping the mic, Herring definitely earned her viral fame, and she's almost certainly being flooded with job offers as we speak.

Total Frat Move, the leading source of bro-centric news and opinion, puts it best with this rhetorical question: "Did drunk brunette girl just shut down the entire Ole Miss marketing department with this flawless sales pitch?"

Be sure to watch the full clip below for Herring's best one-liners, such as: "I love school spirit, but let's not get me wrong, I wouldn't have school spirit without a couple vodka waters;" "When you go to a college, you're going to make the grades, blah blah blah, as long as you get a 2.0 … It's more about the experience;" and this classic self-deprecating salesmanship, "Ole Miss, we may all have lower IQs … I have a higher IQ than most people but … well no, that's a lie." 

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