FX's 'American Horror Story' Just as Upsetting Online

You're going to die in there

Something violent and bloody lies around every corner of the sprawling Victorian mansion. Not to mention, a neighbor unsubtly warns: "You're going to die in there." Would you buy the place? The Harmon family did, and that's what most folks would call a bad decision, survival-wise. But it's a decent setup for a TV show, FX's American Horror Story, and its creepy new online experience via Campfire. The bluntly named youregoingtodieinthere.com aims to stoke interest in the Oct. 5 premiere of the psychosexual thriller, in which people do indeed meet their gory ends. (Spoiler alert. Not really.) Troll around the site to pick up clues about the show and the house's six decades of murder, lust, perversion and betrayal. And pickled body parts in jars! The network has been seeding the campaign on Fangoria, Geeks of Doom and other genre fan hangouts. Now anyone can get the willies with a virtual tour that includes a hacked-and-slashed bride, mash notes and suicide victims. It's not bedtime material. The show, starring Connie Britton, Jessica Lange and Dylan McDermott, has already started a buzz because of its provocative S&M-ish promo posters (posted after the jump). Judging from the pilot, the thriller doesn't disappoint on the freakish level. On the hair-standing-on-end scale: 8 out of 10.