‘First Kiss’ Director Tatia Pilieva Made a Film for U2 About Real-Life Couples Saying Goodbye

24 hours before being indefinitely separated

The new single from U2’s upcoming album Songs of Experience has a companion video, and since I can hear a lot of you rolling your eyes already, let me say it’s actually pretty cool.

Made by Tatia Pilieva, who famously directed the super-viral “First Kiss” ad for fashion label Wren in 2014, the U2 film—titled “You’re the Best Thing About Me”—features a multicultural cast of four couples making the most of the day before an indefinite separation.

All of their situations are unique, and some, like the military newlyweds and the Syrian refugee family, carry more gravitas than others (namely, the Californian high school sweethearts). Still, Pilieva captures the emotional peaks and valleys exceptionally well in the four minutes she’s given, and without the self-congratulatory bombast one normally associates with U2.

Her insistence on filming both happy and sad moments is what makes this film so interesting, and equalizes what would otherwise be seen as vastly different experiences.

“These people are saying goodbye, they are still very much in love,” Pilieva says. “I didn’t want to film a bunch of breakups. … I wanted to put out something positive. Yes, it’s positively heartbreaking, but there’s love all over it.”

Songs of Experience is set for a Dec. 1 release.

See U2’s official video for “You’re the Best Thing About Me” below.

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