Cringey-Cute Clothing Ad With Strangers Kissing Has 7 Million Views in One Day

Wren makes out like a bandit

How does a clothing brand get 7 million YouTube views in one day? By getting 20 strangers to kiss each other.

The video below, titled "First Kiss," features strangers—all wearing L.A. fashion label Wren's fall 2014 clothing collection—meeting for the first time and kissing on camera. Yeah, that's it, but there's so much more. First the people meet, realize they have to kiss each other and cope with those feelings. There's lots of awkward banter, nervous laughter and hesitant movements. I cringed several times and then blushed, and I'm not even in the film.

Finally, the couples start kissing, and the game changes. Some kisses are hesitant, some are quick, some left me wide-eyed, waving my hands at my screen and shouting, "Nooo, too much! Too much!"

Maybe it's so popular because it puts the viewer through a range of emotions in three and a half minutes. Maybe it's because the video is somehow both lurid and sweet and I'm so glad my mom's not sitting next to me right now. Maybe it's because if two people actually started kissing heavily in public, my reaction would not be to stare—as this video would have us do—but to look away and tweet about it.

It ends slightly less awkwardly than it begins. One man looks down at his kissing partner. "I have lipstick all over me, don't I?" he says.

Yup, you do. But don't worry. The rest of us are bright red, too.

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