Feel Like a Long, Strange Trip Through ’80s Design? This Is the Tumblr for You

With your host, James White

The pop-culture aesthetic of the 1980s can be a hard thing to appreciate. But Canadian graphic artist James White makes a pretty compelling effort with Uzicopter, his Tumblr of Reagan-era design inspiration.

White's Signalnoise studio collects ads, posters, computer animation and logos from the '80s, with a few of his own recent creations thrown in. White has developed a signature style that brings retro mystique to modern projects like his official designs for the recent video game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. (You can browse more of his work on the Signalnoise portfolio.)

For children of the '80s, Uzicopter is a fascinating trip back to the dark, dire and stylized entertainment we latchkeys were immersed in. For millennials, it might at least convince you that the decade of my youth had something to offer the cultural zeitgeist beyond shoulder pads and Ray-Bans.