EIBWC Podcast: The Evolution of Multicultural Marketing

Head of multicultural at TikTok Jennifer Rivera-Vega on creating genuine relationships with creators

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What can you learn from TikTok about the evolution of multicultural marketing?

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape, the conversation around multicultural marketing has shifted. The days of surface-level demographic targeting are behind us. Today’s approach is all about understanding consumer behavior, intersectionality, attitudes and, of course, creating long-term connections.

In today’s episode, Jennifer Rivera-Vega delves into the secrets behind successful brand-creator partnerships. With over three years at TikTok as the Head of Multicultural, Jennifer has witnessed how the concept of “multicultural” has reshaped itself, profoundly influencing both brands and consumers.

Join us as Rivera-Vega shares her unique insights on the significance of creating genuine relationships with creators and discover how TikTok is leading the way in empowering creators and fostering authentic connections with multicultural communities.