Dove Pokes Fun at Trump With This #AlternativeFacts Ad That Lies About the Product

Shade from another Unilever brand in the U.K.

Dove apologized and pulled a Facebook ad over the weekend that was deemed racially insensitive. Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images

Last Sunday, Donald Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway coined the Orwellian term “alternative facts” to refer to press secretary Sean Spicer’s false claims about attendance at the president’s inauguration (among other things).

This weekend, one brand responded quickly.

Dove placed a two-page print ad, created by Ogilvy London, in various U.K. newspapers listing several #AlternativeFacts about its new antiperspirant. Included in the list are claims that the product will boost your IQ by 40 points, was first used by Cleopatra and “can help you remember distant relatives’ names at family gatherings.”

According to the ad, the product also “is a really good listener,” knows a dude who can get you on the guest list and “can plan your next holiday at a competitive rate.” It can even improve your wi-fi signal! (If only that were true.)

The second page of the ad contains an image of the product and the message, “New Dove antiperspirant cares for your skin like never before” along with the hashtag #RealFacts.

Ogilvy Worldwide chief creative officer Tham Khai Meng praised the work in a Saturday tweet.

Without mentioning Trump, Conway or Spicer by name, the ad manages to criticize the administration’s campaign of disinformation. Dove is not the first brand to weigh in on the current political climate, with Lyft and Airbnb also being recent examples.

It’s also worth noting that Dove’s parent company, Unilever, has been one of the first to allow its brands to poke fun at the new president. Last week, its Pot Noodles brand unveiled a spot by Lucky Generals suggesting that anyone can be president if Trump can do it. And while both of those brands are U.K.-based, Ben & Jerry’s also tweeted out a message on Inauguration Day for ice cream fans who were less than excited about the new POTUS.

@ErikDOster Erik Oster is an agencies reporter for Adweek.