Do Not Consider These Funny but Fake ‘For Your Consideration’ Ads

Kristen Stewart is not getting an Oscar

The litany of "For Your Consideration" ads that precede each year's Academy Awards are just about the saddest display of desperation in modern marketing—which is saying something. The countless pleas for the attention of judges have gotten so bad, it can be hard to tell the real ads from the satirical fakes. Luckily, these are fakes, lovingly crafted by pop-culture blogger "vehiclesshockme" at Oh No They Didn't. Originally posted in December, they've been circulating around the Internet on a boxcar of believability, likely thanks to being initially bundled with collections of actual "For Your Consideration" ads. But come on. If the idea of Kristen Stewart being nominated for Best Actress isn't laughable enough for you, you need only notice the ad's description of the Twilight trilogy as "the epic saga that inspired the cultural phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey." More images below.