Diet Pepsi Max corners the yawn market

I’m sure people are familiar with Diet Pepsi Max, or at
least the commercials with all the unsettling yawning noises in them. But since
polluting television with that crap wasn’t enough, there’s also a Web site, Wake Up People, named after the
product’s catchphrase. The site holds such gems as the Yawn-A-Thon, a faux
telethon complete with sequin-jacketed host, and a Yawn-A-Gram creator, which
delivers a spoken message from a customizable, big-lipped avatar to a friend of
your choice. You can also watch both Pepsi Max TV spots and browse a photo
gallery of people yawning. Well, no one said their theme wasn’t consistent. No
one said it was interesting, either, but you can’t have everything. Besides, If you’re going to build a site around a Pepsi Max catchphrase, it should really be this one.

—Posted by David Kiefaber