Denny’s Offers to Partner With Burger King, Since McDonald’s Is Being a McChicken

The continuing quest for a hybrid hamburger

For something proposed as a peace offering, this McWhopper idea from Burger King sure seems to be escalating the burger wars.

Last night, Denny's blitzed its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts with the proposal to partner with Burger King on creating "a Slampper© or a Whammper© or a Whoppaslamus-rex© or something." 

The diner chain is volunteering as tribute in these hunger games to take the place of McDonald's, which meekishly declined Burger King's invitation this week to create a McWhopper in honor of Peace Day.

(As of this morning, Burger King hadn't responded, but you can bet the socially irrepressible chain has something in the works.)

As we at AdFreak discovered by assembling our own McWhopper, the not-so-subtle goal of Burger King's proposal likely was to show how much larger and generally dominant the Whopper is when paired alongside a Big Mac. 

Denny's seems to be supplanting that strategy by offering to put its even beefier burgers into the mix, potentially dwarfing the Whopper's flavor profile. Denny's fans, like this one on Facebook, don't seem to think they'd get much out of the deal: "C'mon Denny's … don't stoop to their level. Ever since you changed your burgers a couple of years ago, Denny's is light years ahead of any of the junk Burger King or McDonald's sells!"

P.S.: Boss, please don't make me go create and try this myself. I promised my kids I'd live to see them graduate middle school.

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